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Morning Bigby. “Damn light’s out again…”

This was meant to be quick, it wasn’t! So tumblr I heard you like Bigby. I thoroughly enjoyed abusing the gradients and filters in PS to make it look decent~ I’m officially sinking into the Fables/The Wolf Among Us fandom. HALP. EDIT: Forgot a layer! Updated to a newer version~

Update: I’m up to 74 followers… once I reach 75 I’ll be doing a giveaway in honor of my favorite hero: Batman! For his 75th Anniversary this year! :) So I’ll ask you guys… should the giveaway items be all Batman themed or should I throw some extra things in there?


Some more advice that I have no right to give.  I’m serious about the Stephen Silver advice though- he’s the man.


it’s been exactly 10 years since Rachel got off that plane and I’m still not over it.

this is how you end a show. you don’t give the audience exactly what they want, or take it completely away from them either, you leave them with the idea of what could be

you don’t throw all sanity to hell in the hopes of going out with a bang, you go out with a warm hug and a thank you 

you don’t give the characters the perfect dream ending, you give them something better

and this is how you end a show that is so powerful, people are still emotional about it 10 years after it ends.


i think part of the reason why 80’s movies were so great was because they explore the idea of teenagers that have absolutely no where to go or no idea of what to do with their life- and that’s okay.


Xim’s favorite Fables Covers (1/?)

No. 50 “Happily Ever After”

"Same scene. They kiss. This is the truest of true love’s kisses since the beginning of time. It’s every poem ever written and every song ever sung. This is the one panel at which every female reader of Fable’s dream has come true. Each end everyone of them must be made to cry or squeal or swoon like a character in a Jane Austen novel. Don’t blow it, Buckingham. We sort of, kind of, know where you live."

(Commentary grabbed from “Fables Covers by James Jean”)

Reblog if you’ve ever made YOURSELF cry during a roleplay.